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1. Genetic similarity networks reveal malaria strain structure

Q. He, S. Pilosof, K. E. Tiedje, S. Ruybal-Pesántez, Y. Artzy-Randrup, E. B. Baskerville, K. P. Day & M. Pascual. Networks of genetic similarity reveal the role of non-neutral processes in shaping the strain structure of Plasmodium falciparum. Nature Communications, 2018

2. X-Origin pipeline: Inferring Geographic Origin of Expansion Under Heterogeneous Spacetime!

Q. He, J. Padro, L. L. Knowles. 2017. Inferring the geographic origin of a range expansion: latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates inferred from genomic data in an ABC framework with the program X-ORIGIN. Mol. Ecol. 

3. Spatially explicit demographic modeling and model tests

Q. He, D. Edwards, L. L. Knowles. 2013. Integrative testing of how environments from the past to the present shape genetic structure across landscapes. Evolution. 67:3386-3402

4. Disentangle selection signature from neutral processes within inversions

Q. He, L. L. Knowles. 2016. Identifying targets of selection in mosaic genomes with machine learning: applications in Anopheles gambiae for detecting sites within locally adapted chromosomal inversions. Mol. Ecol. DOI: 10.1111/mec.13619

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